Monotonous Commentary

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Things have been rather Quite.

Its really strange to make a post like this; for the last week or so I havnt actually had any voices Per-sue. Perhaps the Quotiapine 250mg is starting to work a month in. I say that I e heard no voices; i don’t mean completely NO VOICES; but they seem to be more; just like […]

Today’s been a proactive day…..

Today I’ve tried to be as proactive as possible. I managed to get quite a bit done without really hearing too much, and being distracted by them. On another note I’m quite proud of myself for getting on with things; garden center; Tomoto plants planted; some letters that really needed doing and a major task […]

Sorry it’s been a while…

Sorry it’s been a while since my last blog….. Since the last time I wrote anything unfortunately the voices got worse in clarity (not what they were saying; but the contrast in which I heard them); I got stressed, and it seems the more I got stressed; the worse I heard them.  I ended up […]

Tonight was rather more hectic than others.

I suppose with the fnishing of my Hep C treatment recently and the reduction in my diazepam, and the increases in my ridperidone it’s been hard to except that uncoincessley I know they are not real. I sleep late as was having a bad day, and found myself awake still st this time. Apparently Grey/Black […]

Last few Days

Yesterday I was really doing fine, trying to get things done and start making myself go out into the garage without benzos and was doing ok. Although the voices were there as you all already know, they seem to intrude on my daily life and see me in someway or another trying and suceeding to […]